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GEARCRAFT Receives High Marks from Thegunzone.com

Top Rated Glock 42 Holsters – Full Guide to the CCW Options 

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When looking for a Glock 42 Holster you want to make sure you have the perfect fit.

That’s why we have created one of the most in depth reviews of some of the best products available to you right now.

Whether it is an IWB (Inside the waistband) for concealment or OWB (you guessed it Outside the Waistband) or even SOB (Small of Back) you are looking for, you will find the Glock 42 holster that matches your needs here.


IWB Waistbands

IWB waistband are obviously created with concealment in mind. As The Gun Zone comment, you need to get the balance between comfort and safety correct to avoid accidents, here are some of the better IWBs around.

1.Gearcraft – Glock 42 IB

One of the first things you notice about this striking holster is the molded belt clip. It has an adjustable cant which mean the angle of the holster can be amended to suit the way you like to carry it on your belt. Simply loosen the clips screws to reposition and tighten again.

The trigger is well covered meaning you are less at risk of discharging by accident, one of the most important features of any holster and Gearcraft make a point of putting safety first.

This IWB Kydex holster can be purchased in different colors so if you wish to customize your holster to your preferences you can.

This is a perfect way to conceal your weapon in a comfortable fashion and can be used on belts that are up to 1.75’’ to fit the holster.

Made in the USA you will find it to be one of the better value iwb holsters for Glock 42 on the market. It conceals particularly well and the colours available generally blend well with hunting gear.

The Kydex material means the holster is strong, does not lose its shape and can withstand regular wear with ease. You want a waistband that will not let you down over time and the quality materials used here ensure a long standard of quality is to be expected.

Gearcraft - Glock 42 IWB

Our Rating:  (4.4 / 5)



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